Our Fishing Apparel Is Catching On

Folks in the Northport, AL area love Alabama Spot

People are jumping at the chance to wear Alabama Spot apparel!

Of course, we owe much of our popularity to our famous mascot, the Alabama spotted bass. This beautiful fish is a subspecies of spotted bass that’s native to our state! Being much larger than its more common Kentucky counterpart, the “Coosa spotted bass” is prized throughout the region as a top-tier gamefish.

Wear our Northport, AL apparel and land the big one

Do you love fishing? Do you love wearing Alabama Spot clothing?

Email us a photo of you or a friend reeling in an Alabama spotted bass while wearing Alabama Spot apparel, and we’ll include your image in our gallery!

Why not get in on the fun? Our clothing is worn by:
  • Men
  • Women
  • High school fishing teams
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